Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter week. The weather was near perfect and we enjoyed a glorious weekend. We were both off of work on Good Friday so we picked up some boiled crawfish and ate on the back patio soaking up the sunshine.

Easter Sunday we had company (friends) and 2 of our children at home. Troy made deviled eggs for the first time and did a great job! I added some of our fresh dill from the garden. Our Easter menu included crab cakes, roasted vegetables, corn bread and a salad. And by request, we enjoyed my fresh strawberry pie for dessert-strawberry season is in full swing!

A couple of weekends before Easter, I spent an afternoon crafting with a friend to make something special for our granddaughters. My friend, Gina is part of the Stampin' Up group and she always helps me create special, one of a kind treasures. We decorated egg cartons and filled them with treats for our sweet granddaughters. This is the one that Gina gave to her granddaughter. Isn't it precious? 

Let me know how you spent your Easter holiday in the comments below. Have a great Spring!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

10 on the 10th - What We Love About Spring!

We have had a long winter with record lows this year and an ice storm in February. Needless to say, we are ready for Spring weather to arrive. We have had a few days so far this year that certainly felt like Spring but not very many.  Our good friend, Leslie invited us to join her in posting ten things we love about Spring. 

She says:

1. The warmer temps

2. Spring flowers

3.  Sunshine

4. Green grass

5.  Enjoying outdoors (playing cornhole, long walks with Spot and bike rides)

6. The time change (I don't actually like time changes but I love longer daylight hours.)

7.  Strawberry season, specifically Ponchatoula, La strawberries

8. Mother's Day

9. All of the March birthdays in our extended family

10.  Boating and fishing weather

He says:

1.  Anne likes Spring

2.  Time to start fishing and spending more time on the boat

3.  Yard that really a like?

4.  Shorts and t-shirts kind of weather

5.  Spring flowers, colors, greenery

6.  Easter - He has Risen!

7.  Spring cleaning and organizing

8.  More daylight

9.  Cool nights

10. New life happening around us

What you you love about Spring? What is your favorite season?

Monday, February 22, 2021

Cabin Fever

We had a record cold snap last week that kept us indoors longer than we would have liked. Our dog, Spot needs a daily walk and will signal us at the back door with a little movement of his head that he is ready to go. Unfortunately, we had two full days of ice and more days of frigid temps that did not allow for the usual walks around our neighborhood. We got creative on the third day and took Spot to Cabela's, which is pet-friendly and pleasurable for Troy to shop as well. Win-win!

Yesterday, the temps were very mild so we took a long walk and also brought along Spot's friend, Lilo. She belongs to our son's girlfriend and is not quite a year old. Lilo is a Boston Terrier with lots of energy and play, which Spot mostly enjoys and sometimes only tolerates, depending upon his mood. Spot is twelve and being a senior dog, sometimes he just wants to sleep in front of the fireplace. We can't blame him. 

Are you ready for Spring? We are hopeful that it is just around the corner. :)

Getting our steps in!

Lilo and Spot