Monday, February 22, 2021

Cabin Fever

We had a record cold snap last week that kept us indoors longer than we would have liked. Our dog, Spot needs a daily walk and will signal us at the back door with a little movement of his head that he is ready to go. Unfortunately, we had two full days of ice and more days of frigid temps that did not allow for the usual walks around our neighborhood. We got creative on the third day and took Spot to Cabela's, which is pet-friendly and pleasurable for Troy to shop as well. Win-win!

Yesterday, the temps were very mild so we took a long walk and also brought along Spot's friend, Lilo. She belongs to our son's girlfriend and is not quite a year old. Lilo is a Boston Terrier with lots of energy and play, which Spot mostly enjoys and sometimes only tolerates, depending upon his mood. Spot is twelve and being a senior dog, sometimes he just wants to sleep in front of the fireplace. We can't blame him. 

Are you ready for Spring? We are hopeful that it is just around the corner. :)

Getting our steps in!

Lilo and Spot

Monday, December 28, 2020

Happy Holidays!

 Hi friends, we hope y'all had a Merry Christmas. We made the most of Christmas 2020 starting with our annual visit on Natchitoches. Anne's parents and one of our three children live there along with our two granddaughters and son-in-law. As usual, the Christmas lights were so spectacular and we enjoyed visiting with our loved ones.

The week of Christmas was spent with our other two children and our son's girlfriend. We normally have lots of extended family visiting from 3 states but this year was the exception due to Covid. Although we certainly missed seeing everyone, we enjoyed a low-key holiday season just the same.  

Hope y'all have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Happy Fall, Y'all! Our Autumn Bucket List

Can you believe fall weather is here? It was such a hot and humid summer with temps in the 90s for weeks on end. The cooler temps are going to be a blessing with all that we have going on. Troy and I have been invited to join our blogger friend, Leslie at Once Upon A Time And Happily Ever After in creating an Autumn Bucket List for 2020. 

Here is what we have planned:

LSU Games - We will be watching the games from home and will not be able to tailgate but it will be exciting to see how LSU does this year. We will certainly miss Joe Burrow but Myles Brennan has a lot of potential to win a championship game this year!

Engagement Party/BBQ Couple Shower - Someone in our family is engaged to be married next year. We received an invitation and RSVP'd to attend their party/shower next month. It is the first gathering we will attend since Covid.  

Company is Coming! - My sister will be visiting from Texas in October and we are excited to see her. The last time we were able to visit in person was Christmas of last year. 

Celebrate a Birthday - It's hard to believe that our youngest daughter will be 25 in October! We will celebrate this milestone with her next month.

Visit our Granddaughters - We had planned to visit our oldest daughter and her family over Labor Day weekend. But the hurricane changed our plans. It will be good to see them again because we have missed them so much!

Hunting Season Begins - Troy will be making plans to go deer and duck hunting very soon. He will probably ask our son and brother in law to join in the action. There will probably be some Fall fishing trips thrown in the mix, too.

Ladies Night - I plan to attend a ladies gathering later this month. We will have a outdoor picnic on the patio. 

Celebrate more Birthdays! - We have lots of November birthdays in our extended family, including our son, my Mom and yours truly. I can't believe I am turning 50 this year! Age is just a number, right?

It will be a wet and rainy week due to the new storm in the Gulf, "Beta." I have big plans to make a homemade chili for us. I have been wanting to enjoy some Chili Fritos; but, it has been way too hot. Hope y'all have a great week!

Happy Fall, Y'all!