Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Happy Halloween, Y'all!

We have had lots of rain this week and were worried that it might spoil the Halloween festivities, but it should all be cleared out later this afternoon.  To be honest, this is the first year in a while that we have prepared for Halloween and Trick or Treaters. Our two younger kids have been away at college so Troy and I would usually go out or watch a movie.

When the kids were younger, we enjoyed decorating, finding the right costumes, trick or treating, etc.  Every year we made sure to watch the Martha Stewart one hour Halloween special to get ideas for unique decorations and treats.  This year, our daughter is home and she LOVES Halloween. So, we have been getting in the spirit and enjoying it once again.

We made cupcakes with our own spooky frosting...

And carved pumpkins...

Can you guess the inspiration for her design?

Our neighbor goes all out for Halloween.
 Have you seen these animated window displays?

It takes weeks of preparation for his display.

Halloween is a big deal in our neighborhood.
I saw this sign on a mailbox while taking Spot for a walk.
Hocus Pocus!

Some houses are spooky, some just cute and fun!
 Each year around 500 kids trick or treat in our neighborhood.

What are your plans this Halloween? I hope your night is SPOOKTACULAR!!


  1. So much Halloween fun! Thanks for sharing and linking up!


  2. I love it! Your neighborhood looks fun!!

  3. Wow, that neighborhood really gets into Halloween. I LOVE it!! That jack-o-lantern is really cute. I tried to use a stencil this year but my heart just wasn't into it and my bat didn't look very batty.

    1. Haha! Pumpkin carving is not my specialty. Troy & Kelsey used power tools; go big or go home is their motto! LOL