Thursday, January 23, 2020

Friday Favorites

Hello friends!  We have had some brisk temps this week and if I am being honest, I am ready for it to warm up a bit. I know it is still warmer down here than other areas.  But, I don't love cold weather; especially when there is rain involved. 

Here are my favorites this week:

#1 LSU Tigers
We are still so proud that our Tigers won the National Championship! It was an unbelievable season and we will surely miss Joe Burrow. There has been lots of celebrating in our area since their big WIN! GEAUX TIGERS!!

#2  King Cake Season
It's hard to stick to any New Year's resolutions around here because everywhere you turn there is King Cake. But they are sooo good that we just can't help ourselves to a piece! Ha!

#3  Airborne Gummies
I have been keeping these on hand when I need a little boost of vitamin C. I work in the healthcare industry and want to keep my immune system up during the cold and flu season. Plus, they taste good so it's like a little mid-morning treat.

#4  Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil
This is a great product for dry skin; it's easy to find and affordable. I only need it in the winter months and love how well it moisturizes. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Lunch date at The Houmas House Plantation

She says...

Happy New Year, friends! Hope yours is off to a great start! We are in the middle of some home DIY projects which have been tedious. When I am not working, I am painting but it will be so worth it in the end. We are taking pictures of our projects along the way to show you in a future blog post.

Before the holidays, Troy and I wanted to spend an afternoon together and I suggested we might have lunch at a local plantation.  We have many plantations within driving distance of our area. Several of them host festivals, antique car shows, craft fairs, etc. Others have restaurants, tours and overnight accommodations. There is one nearby in Darrow, Louisiana with two fantastic restaurants, including a lunch buffet.

One mild and sunny Saturday afternoon, Troy and I traveled to The Houmas House for a bite to eat for lunch. The food and the grounds are both wonderful so if you are ever in the area, plan to visit.  (I have toured this plantation in the past with my sisters and niece, but you don't have to take the tour to have lunch there.)

Houmas House Plantation

The grounds are so beautiful.

There are beautiful fountains, gardens and unique statues to see.
Enjoying a little lunch date on a Saturday afternoon.

This was the view from the window at our table. Beautiful!

So many choices!
The turkeys strolled right up to the door for a peek. Ha!
French bread, fresh scones and pecan butter. So good!

We decided to share the Eggplant Napoleon and it was huge! Look at all of the jumbo lump crabmeat in a delicate cream sauce. Words cannot describe just how good it was.

The turkeys came around to thank us for coming. Ha!