Thursday, January 23, 2020

Friday Favorites

Hello friends!  We have had some brisk temps this week and if I am being honest, I am ready for it to warm up a bit. I know it is still warmer down here than other areas.  But, I don't love cold weather; especially when there is rain involved. 

Here are my favorites this week:

#1 LSU Tigers
We are still so proud that our Tigers won the National Championship! It was an unbelievable season and we will surely miss Joe Burrow. There has been lots of celebrating in our area since their big WIN! GEAUX TIGERS!!

#2  King Cake Season
It's hard to stick to any New Year's resolutions around here because everywhere you turn there is King Cake. But they are sooo good that we just can't help ourselves to a piece! Ha!

#3  Airborne Gummies
I have been keeping these on hand when I need a little boost of vitamin C. I work in the healthcare industry and want to keep my immune system up during the cold and flu season. Plus, they taste good so it's like a little mid-morning treat.

#4  Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil
This is a great product for dry skin; it's easy to find and affordable. I only need it in the winter months and love how well it moisturizes. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. YES #1 and 2!!!!! I am from Baton Rouge, La!!!!!

    new follower

    1. Welcome Kelly! Our Tigers are awesome! ;)
      Have a great weekend.

  2. These are really great Friday Favorites! I was a neutral spectator of the National Championship Game and I simply enjoy and appreciate the athleticism and dedication of student athletes. Great win for LSU! Thanks for linking up.


  3. Oh, it's so great all the wonderful hype our Tigers have created for our great state. We've been lauded all across the country and it's so great!!! Yes, King Cake, oh, my, the downfall of all of us. I just bought some of the Airborne. Happy weekend!

    1. Yes Lea, it's been a fun time to be a Tiger fan! Have a great week!