Sunday, June 14, 2020

Shrimp burgers

Happy Flag Day, y'all! Hope you are enjoying some outdoor activities this weekend. We are working on widening our driveway for the new boat. It is a little larger than the one we had before so Troy is working on widening the fence gate and park pad.

Last summer, my sister found a great recipe for shrimp burgers on an episode of America's Test Kitchen.  I just so happened to have the cookbook (pictured below), and she prepared these burgers with some fresh, Louisiana shrimp. (If you don't have the cookbook, I'm sure you could also find the Southern Shrimp Burger recipe on their website). We are so blessed to have fresh and delicious Louisiana shrimp locally and it really made for a great burger!

The cookbook, recipe on page 572

Southern Shrimp Burger

We grilled the shrimp burgers, which makes for a nice crust.


Some DAT Ketchup adds to the flavor of the shrimp burgers.

Hope y'all have a great week!  I'll come back and blog about some new boating adventures soon.


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  2. Shrimp burgers 😋 I know they were good.