Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Easy Peasy Fried Shrimp

 Last weekend we had some beautiful sunny weather so we took the boat down to Cocodrie, LA and did a little fishing. The fish were biting but unfortunately, all undersized so it was a catch and release kind of day.  On the way home, we stopped and bought some fresh, 16-20 count shrimp to bring home.  Troy loves fried shrimp and I made sure to take pictures of the steps to share with you. It's very easy and tastes great!

First, peel and de-vein the shrimp. You can make quick work of this by removing the heads and then raking the prong of a fork along the back. This step will open the shell and remove the vein all at once. It takes a little practice at first.

Next, prepare your batter (I use the Oak Grove Chicken Fry).  Empty the contents of the mix into a Ziploc or paper bag. Then, whisk 2 eggs with one small can of evaporated milk into a bowl.  Place 10-12 shrimp at a time into the wet mixture then into the dry mix and shake until well coated.  Set aside until all of your shrimp are battered.

Once you have all of your shrimp battered and ready, add peanut oil into your Fry Daddy up to the fill line.  Heat to 350 degrees.  Once the light turns off, your oil is ready for the battered shrimp.  Place 15 shrimp at a time into the hot oil and fry until golden brown. 

The batter is crispy and slightly spicy, just the way we like it. We like to enjoy our fried shrimp with some Dat Ketchup.  Enjoy

In other news, this has been a wild week of storms for South Louisiana. We did not get much from Marco; but, we still are waiting to see what Laura will bring. Praying that everyone in Louisiana and Texas will stay safe!


  1. Praying that y'all stay safe. Laura is a monster!

    1. Thanks Paula! We are safe and praying for our neighbors who have been impacted.

  2. Your Fried Shrimp looks delicious, a great recipe. So happy you are safe and had no damage. Our Granddaughter lives about 65 miles from Lake Charles, they are fine, not major damage, but no electricy as of this post. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday,499 and hope you have a great week!
    Miz Helen

  3. My gosh these look so good. Peanut oil and chicken batter and canned milk. Taking note. Do you fix hushpuppies, too?? Glad you are safe after the storm.